TurbuStat implements a 14 turbulence-based statistics described in the astronomical literature. TurbuStat also defines a distance metrics for each statistic to quantitatively compare spectral-line data cubes, as well as column density, integrated intensity, or other moment maps.

The source code is hosted here. Contributions to the code base are very much welcome! If you find any issues in the package, please make an issue on github or contact the developers at the email on this page. Thank you!

To be notified of future releases and updates to TurbuStat, please join the mailing list: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/turbustat

If you make use of this package in a publication, please cite our accompanying paper:

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If your work makes use of the distance metrics, please cite the following:

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Citations courtesy of ADS

Papers using TurbuStat

TurbuStat Developers

Many thanks to everyone who has reported bugs and given feedback on TurbuStat!

  • Dario Colombo

  • Jesse Feddersen

  • Simon Glover

  • Jonathan Henshaw

  • Sac Medina

  • Andrés Izquierdo

  • Kaya Mori


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